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Join us for a roundtable

We are providing helpful roundtable events with talks, discussion on various topics, workshops, and more for our women's community. 

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Celebrating Women

Our roundtable events are hosted by female leaders from our local community, and around the world, that come with lightning talks, discussions, workshops, and more! We offer a variety of topics like love, finances, and running a successful business. 

Past Event Topics include:

  • Finances

  • Love

  • Living on a solid foundation

  • Jesus, CEO

  • Succeeding Despite Obstacles and Prejudices

  • Dreams, Goals, and Occupations

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Talk with our Women's Leader

Jana is a driven Czech entrepreneur with a passion for growing not only in a professional world, but also in her personal life. She has a long resume of successful businesses, mentoring & coaching others, and is also a speaker, author, and writer.

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